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Responsive Android Book

What makes some Android apps fast and some slow?

Slow apps can be the source of many unsatisfied reviews and bugs. The Responsive Android Book points out the most common cases of unresponsive or slow apps, how to fix them and how to write an Android app that really shines.

A more responsive Android app leads to more app downloads, more ad revenue, more ad sales, and happier customers. To give you a taste of the book, here’s the Table of Contents:

  • A refresher on threading and OS concepts
  • Android resource allocation
  • threading in Android
  • AsyncTask, ExecutorService and you
  • using a library for threading
  • Services, what they are and what they are not
  • asynchronous image loading
  • image management
  • optimized Android view architecture
  • common pitfalls
  • finding the bottlenecks

-Paul Brower